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Network Forensics & Incident Response (NFIR)


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The integration of technology-driven solutions in business operations has increased the risk exposure of IT systems to network breaches. Inadequate capacity to deal with such breaches have resulted in reputational damages, financial losses, denial of access to key operational components of the IT infrastructure and in extreme situations collapse of businesses. The importance for IT professionals to handle incidents of cyber-breaches and investigations in a timely manner using the right Investigation and forensic procedures has become important in view of recent cyber-attack trends. Analysis by e-Crime Bureau through investigations conducted have revealed the challenges faced by IT professionals in responding and managing incidents within IT environments especially with complex enterprise systems, integration of third-party applications, cloud computing, mobile devices and recently with work from home regimes which has increased the exposure of IT environments to cyber-attacks. The Bureau’s professionals in this lab-based training provide practical case study scenarios, best practices, tools, and standard digital forensic techniques to gather digital evidence within the network in order to detect attacks and reinforce security controls.

Target Audience:

IT Managers/Technical Officers,

Forensic Investigators,

CISOs, Information Security Professional,

Forensic Auditors,

Risk Managers/Analyst,

Security Managers,

Other professionals interested in cybercrime prevention and detection.


Jul 08 - 12 2024


8:00 am - 4:30 pm





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